The Weekly: Cyclists

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

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Safety for Fearful Parents

Be the sun.

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Motor Mania

The future was predicted.

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Craig Pennell’s Cycling Crash Blog

Professor Craig Pennell, obstetrician and sport cyclist, was involved in a serious crash when a car failed to give way, turning across his path. His rib cage was torn from his spine and punctured a lung, amongst other injuries.

Originally Craig’s post-crash blog was hosted via his team/trainer Brad Hall Cycle Training website, now branding changed to Exercise Institute (Ex.In.) Hall Cycling (Hall cyc.) at but Craig’s blog original links from Hall Cycling are dead, and the defunct Cycle Safe WA have dropped off.

Craig’s crash prompted his safety campaign called Cycle Safe WA, the blog links were best found via Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, linked, saved, and attached below.

Last page is the start page, so you can begin from the bottom link, and work chronologically forward from the crash, by stepping backwards through the links (oldest last, last post first, blog style).

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Victoria says No to MPD law now (go slow instead)

Done well it could have the potential to be better executed than QLD, (let’s not mention the anti-cycling MPD law trojan horse in NSW).

Economy and Infrastructure Committee

Title of report:
Whole of Government response to Inquiry into the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 (Overtaking Bicycles) Bill 2015

Date tabled:

170323 Govt_Response_to_Road_Safety_Road_Rules_2009__Overtaking_Bicycles__Bill_2015_x5bVmX6K.pdf

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AGF #ametremattersNOW for Victoria, but not WA

After a day with no response from Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) asking if they’d like to show support for WA’s #ametrematters petition. They’re actively campaigning for Victoria #ametremattersNOW so I hoped they could share a bit of love for WA.

Apparently they have no love to spare =P

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RACWA members against MPD law in WA

Hi David, Thanks for getting in touch. RAC supports more being done to protect cyclists. We welcomed the new Government’s cycling package when it was announced during the election campaign. And I note the Premier will introduce Minimum Passing Distance Laws as a trial. Interestingly, when we asked our members only one third supported legislation to mandate a minimum distance. This is why we called for greater investment in cycling infrastructure as the priority. All the best for your event. Liz
Seen by RAC WA at 10:43


Thanks for the reply Liz. Is the poll on MPD available online? I’m curious what the majority two thirds of membership thought.

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West Australians need a safer cycling environment
Not on WestCycle’s turf.

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WA Public Transport History from John at the Coal Face

Author johnofwhyalla
Date/Time 27 Jul 2007 2:16:31pm
Subject What is wrong with our Public Transport Systems

"Why is public transport so fragmented", the simple answer to that is the economic rationalism which Australia has undertaken in the past 20 years.

I worked for the (MTT) Transperth in Western Australia from 1979 – 1990 as a bus driver, this was a time when the Bus System was still fully operated by the Government of Western Australia and a time when the then premier, Sir Charles Court closed down one of the busiest rail lines in Perth The Perth to Fremantle Line.

In 1983 when the Burke Labor Government came to power, the Fremantle line was upgraded and re-opened and slowly over the next Decade, the metropolitan rail system was electrified and the Jonndalup Line was commissioned.

Over the next 9 years the public transport system was slowly downgraded again by the Richard Court Liberal Government (The son of Sir Charles) and the running of the Bus Fleet was outsourced to private companies which fragmented the system, with different companies having responsibility for different areas, some of which overlapped, buses started running late or not running at all, they were not as well maintained, cleaned, there were less drivers doing longer hours making their stress levels increase.

Since 2001, first the Gallop and now the Carpenter Labor Governments have introduced the Mandurah Rail Line.

It is unfortunate that the Liberal Governments of South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria in the 90’s virtually sold of the public transport systems we had in this country, Private Enterprise cannot and should not have a role in the delivery of an essential service such as public transport, it is a service which by it’s nature is not meant to make a profit, to do so means either the number of services are cut, drivers number are decreased and fares must rise to allow them to make a profit margin.

Fundamentally, we must have governments take back full operational responsibility for Public Transport, Adelaide must come into the 21st Century and replace it’s aging diesel railcars with modern quiet environmentally safer Electrified trains, it must further expand the light rail (Tram Service) out into the outlying areas as far north as munno purra, replace the aging O’bahn System with Light Rail and build bus/train/tram interface hubs to make the public transport system more interchangeable for passengers to use and give priority on our roads to Public Transport over Private Vehicles.
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Bonus a couple random bike co-op organiser’s opinion

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