The title is a play on words:

  • a blog by me about my motorcycles, as 1 motorcyclist
  • prompted by my latest motor-cycle, an single electric motored bicycle, i.e. 1 motor-cyclist

I’ve been interested in cycling as my earliest form of independence and freedom, long before I discovered motorcycles, but have only had a handful of bicycles. I’ve made up for the delay with motorcycles since 22, having about one new motorcycle each year. Nearly all my motorcycles have been under $5k, with a couple exceptions.

I’ve been on WAR (WA Riders) mailing list for nearly all of my riding time, it’s my motorcycle home, with many keen cyclists there too. I created/administrate the website http://wariders.wordpress.com/ as a web presence for the mailing list.

I have always liked naked bikes, classic styling where you can see all of the mechanical components, a little beat up, minimalist. The cafe racer is my taste, so when I found this single gear electric bicycle with cafe racer styling (in the modern bicycle suburban coffee drinking cafe racer sense) just as I got a new job and had to commute to the CBD again, it was destiny, I became an instant fan, and so this site soon followed.


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