WA Public Transport History from John at the Coal Face

Author johnofwhyalla
Date/Time 27 Jul 2007 2:16:31pm
Subject What is wrong with our Public Transport Systems

"Why is public transport so fragmented", the simple answer to that is the economic rationalism which Australia has undertaken in the past 20 years.

I worked for the (MTT) Transperth in Western Australia from 1979 – 1990 as a bus driver, this was a time when the Bus System was still fully operated by the Government of Western Australia and a time when the then premier, Sir Charles Court closed down one of the busiest rail lines in Perth The Perth to Fremantle Line.

In 1983 when the Burke Labor Government came to power, the Fremantle line was upgraded and re-opened and slowly over the next Decade, the metropolitan rail system was electrified and the Jonndalup Line was commissioned.

Over the next 9 years the public transport system was slowly downgraded again by the Richard Court Liberal Government (The son of Sir Charles) and the running of the Bus Fleet was outsourced to private companies which fragmented the system, with different companies having responsibility for different areas, some of which overlapped, buses started running late or not running at all, they were not as well maintained, cleaned, there were less drivers doing longer hours making their stress levels increase.

Since 2001, first the Gallop and now the Carpenter Labor Governments have introduced the Mandurah Rail Line.

It is unfortunate that the Liberal Governments of South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria in the 90’s virtually sold of the public transport systems we had in this country, Private Enterprise cannot and should not have a role in the delivery of an essential service such as public transport, it is a service which by it’s nature is not meant to make a profit, to do so means either the number of services are cut, drivers number are decreased and fares must rise to allow them to make a profit margin.

Fundamentally, we must have governments take back full operational responsibility for Public Transport, Adelaide must come into the 21st Century and replace it’s aging diesel railcars with modern quiet environmentally safer Electrified trains, it must further expand the light rail (Tram Service) out into the outlying areas as far north as munno purra, replace the aging O’bahn System with Light Rail and build bus/train/tram interface hubs to make the public transport system more interchangeable for passengers to use and give priority on our roads to Public Transport over Private Vehicles.
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Bonus a couple random bike co-op organiser’s opinion

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Hoadley’s Violet Crumble ad from 1933

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Lunar New Year

Basman Project 346 Luna

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Architect Richard Sheridan, car driver guilty of chasing and running over cyclist

Architect Richard Sheridan of 54 years age, drives with road rage in the city on Beaufort Street, witnessed road raging by other drivers prior to his threatening cyclists in the bus/cycle lane.

After the victim thumps the driver’s windshield with his fist, Richard Sheridan does a U-turn the wrong way up the one-way street, chases the cyclist with his red Mazda 3 sports hatch back, hits and runs over the cyclist, dragging him under the vehicle.

The incident occurs in front of the Curtin House WA Police Station, in front of 2 detectives on the footpath witnessing the incident, who help remove the car from atop the cyclist.

In sentencing, Magistrate Elizabeth Woods said she accepted Sheridan’s remorse and that he “didn’t intend to chase and run him over”.

Sheridan was handed a nine-month jail sentence, suspended for nine months, and his licence was disqualified for a year.
He was also fined $1,500 on top of the $6,000 he paid the cyclist for the damage to the bike.

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Mandatory Helmet Law is the Devil

A Cycle forum member was sick of MHL mentioned, and wanted the topic banned.

Did people for all time want things banned or people killed/deported if they didn’t like something?

Like cycling banned if not wearing a helmet. I see banning working for everything (sarcasm).

I ride on the beach. A local government property by-law has banned bicycles on the beach, in 2009/2011, before any popularity of the bicycles now sold in Australia that could ride on the beach. Banning leaves no ability for discretion, fair use policies or fair policing for any real issues.

So an honest healthy activity fitting between pedestrians and jogging, is outlawed, and fines imposed.

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of humour. Banning is such a bad joke that it makes sarcasm look intelligent.

I think MHL is one part of the multi-generational cultural problem that results in examples of senseless banning of bicycles and "our own kind" logically deducing that bigger harsher punishments for misdemeanors is progress for "our cause".

Time to ban children.

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Why Jaywalking is a Crime


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Driving with mobile phones


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Donate Life

Organ Donorship

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KMC Z1X Narrow EPT chain references


Snap On connector link part

Snap On connector link instructions

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