BNA Cycliq Fly12 Giveaway Entry

Here’s my entry, possibly the first, it’s awaiting comment moderation possibly for the YT link included.

I’ll get in first with a positive, shot nearly a year ago with a Contour Roam 2, just processed/uploaded.

“Show how much people love paradigm-shattering potential of bicycles while living in an automobile addicted culture”.

Note I’m riding in a banned cycling area enforced by council beach inspectors. A City of Stirling by-law from 2009/2011 mandates an absolute ban, no discretion, for any bicycles or wheeled recreational devices in the beach reserve. The only known cycling ban on beaches in this vast island continent with over twenty thousand kilometres of coastline.

Competition details bottom of the review article:

Competition – Fly12 Giveaway

Thanks to Cycliq we have a Fly12 to giveaway, to enter, in the comments section let us know in 25 words or less an experience or event you would have loved to have captured on video while riding. Best answer wins and ends on Wednesday 26. October at midnight.

Legals – Total prize value: $499, Start Date: 24.10.2016, End Date:26.10.2016, Prize Sponsor: Cycliq. No Purchase is necessary, entry open to Australian residents only. This competition is classed as a game of skill and participation is excluded where prohibited by law. The judges decision is final and no liability will be accepted for lost votes or technical problems and no cash prize is available.

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