Scarborough to Fremantle beaches ride

A few years ago on a hot boxing day I rode my new 2nd fat bike on its longest beach ride from Point Walter to Fremantle along the river beach/shore where possible, then from Port Beach Fremantle all the way north on beach to Trigg Island, mostly uninterrupted except for cliffs at Cottesloe. I think it was about 6hrs duration, 3 bananas, 2 muesli bars, carried/drank 6L of water, and I was exhausted stopping more frequently for food energy and a drink as I didn’t have the endurance, despite commuting 50km per day pretty bike fit for a commuter. Rolling on 1.7kg 4 inch knobby tyres wasn’t as easy going as it could be on the beach. Oh, and I wore a helmet the whole way, on some hot rides at low speed max heart rate zone for hours began to be a problem.

So I did a similar trip in reverse (but longer path return home) after finishing work prior to a few days away with family, treated myself to sleeveless and running shorts on the cloudy day to keep cool. Helmet off on the beach as normal now, it was really nice. I’m not as bike fit as back then since I don’t have a commute and only ride recreationally, but experience has levelled up (and my 3 new fat bikes since are much better than the 1st) making it enjoyable, saving the exhaustion for early bed time.

I bypassed the banned beach cycling of Trigg to Scarborough that is a shame, but resumed from the end of City of Stirling boundary at Peasholm dog beach. There were signs up on the beach at Swanbourne beginning just after Cottesloe. I was down low on the waterline slope so took a chance hedhing on their accuracy through the Army firing range exclusion zone that I guessed the signs were for. Near the beginning of the nudist beach a traffic warden told me I was lucky as they were finished and he was just packing up the signs. I’ve done that ince won’t do it again.

I wasn’t as good at dodging sausage as I was lucky with bullets, and was reminded Swanbourne is the nudist beach, I politely pointed the bike away from the few men I passed there.

This photo attached I couldn’t get past the rocks/inlet without soaking the bike, so I pushed it up the stairs carefully. It’s not a light “hike-a-bike” setup but no problem. I got to the other side and painted the GPS track right up to what I missed on the sand :) This kept on a bit more at Cottesloe and I was lucky a couple spots able to ride through between waves on a flat wide beach. I hit the North Mole on Port Beach and inflated the tyres and rode the path home after sunset. The saddle was beginning some numbness so I stood on the pedals coasting on the downhills up the coastal path, still had a decent steady pace on the path, pretty high heart rate so was like a 2nd day’s recreational ride I’d normally do.

Nice day out, a little sore from going farther/longer than my usual distance, but no cycling while away for a few nights so it was a good time to do it.

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