Review of VeloOrange Casey’s Crazy

I’ve got two of these Velo Orange Casey’s Crazy Bars, but only really this bike they have worked out perfectly for, so far not tried on anything else.

For this bike I was able to centralise all controls with Rohloff grip shift on a custom/improvised accessory mount. Clamp on brakes. Keeping the clear smooth comfort grip space the priority.

I got what I wanted –
1. mid grip clear area with thumb over bullhorn between the colours is like riding on the hoods with road bike (and I only just used that ergo position for first time in Sept 2015 with first drops/hoods, despite having had two dozen bikes).
Less twitchy fine control not needed for speed inertia.

2. Green wide grip, when it gets technical tougher/trickier at slower offroad rough terrain that throws you off a desired line.

3. Flat middle controls if anticipating/guarding the brakes.

4. bullhorn pink if on path back home with sea breeze tail wind spinning top gear. Can rest forearms on green and dangle wrists, maybe if doing 200km a day with swollen tongue hanging out and eyes bulging it’s another option, but not ridden that long yet.

I’ve got a couple Humpert Space Bugels on a couple bikes, they’re a bit like a Jones bar but less than the 45 pull back, about 30 like my OnOne Mary. I use them for more mounting points, they are not clear enough of controls/accessories with regular equipment for smooth extra grip positions, but the angles are right for comfort of I could make more room.

Some YouTube reviews noted the controls that got in the way of the thumb-over hoods type comdort position, so if you can’t achieve that then a major benefit of these are lost.

There are some UK clamps called TOGS that are small clamp ons for MTB bars that I would like for a Renthal Fatbar I have. It gives the hoods type mid position narrower and a change.

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