Every step matters – Life is short and precious

A known community cyclist dies from a ladder fall. Story reads:

Another tragedy occurred Saturday when Dyke, who helped create the Dirty Kanza 200 race, slipped off a ladder while climbing to the loft in his garage workshop, and died from his injuries. Dyke, 48, lived in Kansas City with his wife, Michelle Davis, and their young son.

On Sunday, Davis posted a brief account of the accident, on Dyke’s Facebook page: “It was one of those weird, horrible inexplicable things. Just like almost every night, after I’d put Joseph to bed, we hung out and chatted for a while, daydreamed about some camping trips for summer, and then I went down to my sewing room to work on a sleeper for Bubs, and Joel watched a movie. Later, I came back up to do a little baking and fool around on my computer; Joel went out to his workshop, like he has done almost every night since the shop was built. Midnight rolled around, and I went to bed. Again, regular stuff, I often crash before Mr. Night Owl came to bed, the next morning finding that he’d finally zonked at 2:00 a.m. So, when I awoke at 6:00 to an empty bed, I knew something was very wrong.”

Dyke’s friends have set up a memorial fund to help take care of his wife, son, and soon-to-be-born second child.


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