Crazy FAT

Lots of love testing the Velo Orange “Casey’s Crazy Bars” and second Tubus FAT rack installed with new panniers.The bars are all that I hoped for onroad/offroad dual-sport usage. I’m considering them for the road/tourer as well but I don’t need the width, so am considering cutting the width down to regular grip length, or using the Humpert Space Bugel bar with clip-on aero bars for the bullhorn equivalent grip. Clip-ons don’t give the seamless mid-grip that is like the hoods of road bike, so I’ll see.

Love for the Crazy Bars:
– Wide pull back comfort for the worst slow speed rough stuff where sand and lumpy footprints on sloping quick sand tide face pulls you off line if you blink. Most fine control.
– Middle of wide/bullhorn position “hoods” grip in between for control and comfort for most of the ride.
– Full bullhorn grip for having a tailwind and good speed to spin away with momentum keeping your line.
– Flat central “cross levers” road position for brakes. On the sand braking is done by stopping pedalling.

Tubus FAT rack seemingly made for this small frame size with the front rods length perfectly into the rack, no cutting required. On the Medium Muru frame they protrude needing cutting, but I’m so averse to single bicycle configuration commitment I can’t bring myself to cut anything like steerers etc.

The Cordo Valda double pannier is a beautiful matching set for the bike, great volume for beach utility and keeps my bars and beautiful frame clear of clutter, the better to photograph with :)

Groundhogs saddle up! #iaccept #muklukti #salsacycles #rohloffxl

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