Criminally Negligent Failure to Keep Left

Doing 35kph up a slight incline, in the oncoming lane around a blind bend.Same riders placed as oncoming traffic would be doing ~35kph also, with a downhill.
Fortunately I don’t see this often enough so still surprising me is a good sign it’s not the majority… but it only takes 1 point in time to destroy lives with this situation.

A couple of frames on the return trip show the oncoming direction, where you don’t have any sight past the double trunk tree on the corner.

A few more frames at the end identifying rider kit and bikes, the leading offender has a tattoo on his right arm not covered by the jersey.  He looked like a tall 55-60yo. I slowed next to him for 5 seconds to politely shout enough to be heard:

“That corner back there is a blind high speed bend”

“Staying in the oncoming lane is not good”

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One Response to Criminally Negligent Failure to Keep Left

  1. rroland60 says:

    Roland Gee

    Most countries are on the Right

    Fly a Plane – Be on the Right

    Skipper a Boat -be on the Right

    Unfortunately we in Aust – Inherited the Left on the Road and may be the multiple use path Foot path or whatever ( dose any one Know what is one or the other Is it the one with Faded Graphics or the Brick paving or the orange bit on the road)

    Any way understand this county is not a world leader just a follower

    Regards ROLAND

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