A Good Brooks Summary

Here is the Brooks line up as I know it:

B66 = double rails + springs
B67 = single rail + springs
B68 = single rail, no springs
B72 = double rail + loop springs
B73 = B66 with third spring under the nose
B135 = double rail + double springs + nose coil (second most comfortable I’ve owned, good work saddle)
All have the same top, which is flatter and wider than the B17 top and has a textured surface, these are for an upright riding position.

B17 = no springs, single rail
Champion Flyer = B17 top + springs, single rail (my favorite, A Champ Flyer Imperial would be the bee’s knees)
B66 Champion = Double rail Champ Flyer
Brooks Imperial = B17 top with cutout, no springs, single rail (no numbness, very nice, I may butcher some of my other saddles after owning this one)
B17N = slightly more narrow top
B17S = slightly shorter nose
These are for a more aggressive riding position, the surface of the top is smooth.

B33 = wider top than the B66-67-68-etc. + triple rail + springs and nose coil, heaviest duty of the Brooks (most comfortable Brooks I’ve owned)
B190 = widest of the Brooks tops + double rails + double springs and nose coil
These two are work saddles, bolt upright riding only, textured surface.

Brooks Swallow and Brooks Swift are racing saddles, basically the same top, the Swift has side skirts, the Swallow has tucked skirts.

08-27-08, 07:14 PM

I ride on both B-17 and B-68, not at the same time however.
The B-17 is on a CrossCheck with Albatross handlebars that are level or slightly above the stem, so I sit fairly upright.- it is pretty comfortable.
The B-68 has been on several bikes. The above CrossCheck. A Trek MTN bike converted to commuting with handle bars slightly above the stem. Also on a Schwinn tandem as a pilot with the geometry similar to a comfort bike, handlebars above seat.
B-17 was better on the CrossCheck. B-68 better on the MTN bike, my teenage son grew into this bike and now claims it for his own. He has ridden it a couple thousand km, tried other seats, wants to stay with the B-68. The B-17 has a smooth surface, which I personally like better than the slightly pebbled surface of the B-68. Hard to tell which is more effective, until you actually try both. While I have slight preferences, either have been pretty comfortable on any of the bikes I’ve tried them on.

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