Rohloff Speedhub versus The World

[quote=”flyingcubic”]bad testing equipment.
i dont ride with 50W.[/quote]

Some perspective from a hub lover that will not use a Rohloff yet, while discovering different bikes and uses, it would be wasteful and unworkable to have one speedhub versus two Alfine8, two Inter8, three Inter7, plus a few others, in different frames with different brakes and different drives with some duty standby, some for different rider, andand the affordability is low threshold in used market with the prolific product saturation, where it is like the Sony Betamax versus VHS history.

If some day I tour the world on one bike, it might be an option for Rohloff, but the same issues apply, e.g. you find the review of someone stuck in Greece spending weeks sending a speedhub back to Germany for service, waiting for its return, where common spec bike parts might have equal merit.

I drop my tyre pressure at the expense of efficiency for practical perspective. I deal with value fit for purpose. I can cruise 30kph with an Alfine8 bike in comfort on flat without busting a heart valve on a loaded 30kg+ steel flatbar road bike, plus 90kg rider.

Subject Nerds debate specs on paper in all walks of life, it is easy forgetting that life is lived on the real world not exclusively in internet forums, so this is a reminder to weight the options with some moderate reality.

Solar panel technology is a good example. Its not about the technically most efficient panel, its about the best harnessing value of the package to put out to mass market for the lowest price per kWh. If only 2% of the population can adopt it, its not the weighted best.

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One Response to Rohloff Speedhub versus The World

  1. flyingcubic says:

    nice bashing
    i use it my friend..

    and i have used 9speed 10 speed, Alfine 8/11 and N360

    if u like your derailleur dont bash the others

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