Freaky Friday the 15th

Skeleton jersey, check. Ready for some entertaining footage. Ride home included:

– a flatbar with orange top (possibly bike courier) blowing a red light at Wellington on-ramp.

– a pair of riders two abreast into the City West red zone, not keeping left for passers, bells, or oncoming riders. The rider in front of the pair gets ahead of a pedestrian at the crossing going wrong way around into the oncoming lane.

– A couple of riders blocking the bridge shared path in both directions at the Thomas to Loftus Rd. City West vicinity.

– A scooter at speed through a blind bend on a shared path, literally a muppet with blue character full face helmet, protruding eyes, and green nose. Pictures attached to believe it :)

– A small pit bike / dirt bike at speed on Gwelup PSP, rider sporting an undercut and pony tail. Pictures attached, not so unbelievable :)

– The funniest saved for last near end of trip, a woman waving away a magpie at ground level at Carine Open Space. Magpie ignores the orders to retreat and launches for another attack (shots pictured) while itself being tagged by a Wattlebird. One frame shows the Wattlebird appear through the setting sun. The hunter becomes the hunted :) First time I’ve seen swooping in this high traffic area, though I’m usually not hanging around to give them target practice like the pedestrians/joggers do.

One of the more entertaining Friday afternoon rides home, typically all examples aren’t things I see on any day, so seeing them all in one ride was amusing.

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