Another dumb cyclist

Usual occupying oncoming lane on a blind bend into oncoming downhill traffic.

New scenario admired from same rider, riding head-on into oncoming cars around a blind bend for a cycle detour, not expecting to slow/stop and awkwardly emergency unclipping at last moment… then still sets off with head on turning traffic continuing to flow at some hefty rolling green light speeds =D  Wet surfaces to boot :)

He made several sprints to break away from me and I kept catching up at intersections where he’d do stupid things like these pictured.

I happened to see this guy around same area and followed for more entertainment the next two days, he did do better and slow for a pedestrian with oncoming rider, and later “popped” so stopped trying to keep ahead and said that was all he had and wished me well as I carried on.  So I think his first day errors pictured were from him trying to carry speed and cross intersections quicker as if he was racing me.  I’m just a commuter getting to work and home again, without having an incident with riders acting like this =P

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