Rider down Civic Place to PSP Stirling

Incident I witnessed about 50m in front of me, can see on the camera the two riders get onto the path from road and 2nd rider wiped out.

To naked eye at the time looked like as he tipped for the bend it’s hit the solid white line that is raised and slippery.

He had arm/knee/face grazes but looked more of a slide off onto pavement/grass.

I was first there and he seemed to gather himself up OK so just checked his brakes/shifters and got the pump/chain back on, then left him to ride on the adrenalin.

The rider in front of him at the time came back and is the one holding the bike, not sure if they knew each other or crashed rider was trying to keep up.

Fortunately I was wearing my first aid outfit and rode the electric ambulance bike today anticipating the bad weather.

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