Save a turtle day

I saw this character looking maimed and struggling on shared path at start of Lake Monger (south end) last night on trip home.

Cyclist in front of me blew past without stopping, I did too looking at it but stopped and walked back to move it.

His head was twisted to left and caught under its front left foot, so it was walking on 3 legs and its neck, which is why I thought it was already done for.

Picked it up and it was able to straighten head and assume normal body position with legs/head free in air.

Carried it over to the spot where I took the photos, it happily scurried off under cover hence the blurry photos.

Its shell had a nice camouflage moss growing on it, I probably should have taken it closer to the water in hindsight but it seems they have to cross a few paths to get there.

I confirmed it has webbed feet and relatively flat shell, classing it as a turtle, and not a tortoise.

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