Mission Accomplished: Commuter Milk Run

Challenge: go to shops for milk/yoghurt/banana
Weapon of choice: Flavanti Fligiro
Armory additions: Drink bottle holder, seat post beam rack, orange backpack, bungee cords, security cable lock, headlight
Execution: 5min trip down small and steep hills, 5min return up steep and small hills

Complications: Top gear chain over shift derailed chain, minor low limit adjust in
Success: Rolls for infinity giving more of that free wheeling bicycle freedom feeling. More than enough gearing for steep hills, Faster top speed than single speed, climbed large long hill in middle gear.
Nuances: Twitchy ride short wheelbase and high pressure low profile tyres, feels like a race car compared to my single speed street car.
Luggage: Carrying odd shape 3kg load in small backpack not fun for back, spend a minute to bungee and use the rack next time.

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