It Worked

Water based, no ammonia or glycol so not a solvent based mess like Slime and others.

I put it inside tubes.  Had a glass cut to front tyre I didn’t realise, pumped it up before cycling in. End of day, found the tyre flat.

  1. Checked no foreign object still visible to continue tearing/cutting the tube.
  2. Pumped tube up with hand pump.
  3. Rotated puncture position to bottom for gravity collection of sealant over puncture.
  4. Left it there until I loaded my bag on the rack, geared up, lights on etc.
  5. Checked puncture, no leak, pumped it up some more for the lost air while sealing. Still no leak.
  6. A couple weeks later, no more air put in, still inflated in normal range, no leak.

This is the first time I’ve got to use it, but I bought about 8 x 500mL bottles figuring plenty of use for cars, bikes, bicycles, wheelbarrows etc.

In my little 2 door sedan 4WD around town I leave the spare out (e.g. so I can fit the bicycle in the boot with the wheels off) and have this and electric air pump, similar to the BMW Mini Cooper that has a CO2 charged bottle of sealant for inflation and sealing.


Great product, and Aussie made too.  No solvent based mess like Slime and others.

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