Fixi Commuter SE

I lost some sleep wanting to set the bike up with rear rack, I wore backpack for first ride just to get out there on it ASAP. Riding is so much more pleasurable, cooler and less sweat at end with the bag on the rack. I like the prettier minimalist look without a rack, but it’s a commuter, so function wins.

I also swapped on some parts from other bikes:
– suspension seat post from past couple bikes, a Giant Sedona comfort hybrid originally
– riser flat bars to not twist in clamp, also benefit to bike was the brake cables were length/cut that suited the flat bars, nasty sharp tight bend on the comfier cowhorn bars
– also re-tightened headstem that had come loose from light tighten before first ride.

Without such a strong headwind and on the back of a flat battery, I used the motor minimally, and had the charger to charge it up and find out how many amp hours of charge I used. The journey average speed GPS said 21.6km/h was higher without the headwind, despite less minimalist motor use, and still just as unfit.

There had been a creaking in the pedals that started since the flat battery commute home, I had checked it over while swapping parts over, but couldn’t see any problems or replicate it without load until riding. The pedal developed a wobble, someone has described like clip shoe wobbling around, but regular shoes for me didn’t apply, but felt that way. I since found out it’s the crankarm bolt, and in this same commute home, it came loose and rounded the crank slightly.  That’s the end of that crankarm, but I didn’t know that yet. For this interrupted commute home the GPS said 20.2km/h trip speed.

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